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With DWS your are able to completely customize your machine by picking the color, adding an extra set of rollers to get an even tighter index on your springs or add a extra axis or two to make the most difficult parts complete. The DWS - X & Z Series Formers are great for complicated torsion springs with multiple bends, wire forms, extension springs, double torsion springs, compression springs with legs, battery springs, magazine springs, wave springs, constant force springs, clock springs, spiral torsion springs, rings & you can even add a small die or punching device for strip material that would normally be run on a four slide, multi slide or punch press. 

The DWS X & Z Series formers are great for all types of springs. These machines are composed of the Taiwanese Hust computer system & Japanese Yaskawa servo motors. Set up techs are able to change over to different jobs very easily. Full servo is a great choice. Instead of timing cams, you just program the slides to move as needed. This allows for reduced setup times, more efficient production rates & are a lot easier for new/inexperienced people to learn. Cam style machines are a great choice too because they offer good cost savings & are a great choice for dedicating to long running jobs.

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