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Hot Lathe Coilers

CNC hot coiling machines are mainly used in railway, engineering machinery & other fields covering a wide range and having flexible usage.

Our CNC hot lathe coilers adopt the CNC control system to automate the rolling process, thus reducing labor & improving product quality.
The servo motors control all of the spring coiling, pitch & feeding separately. 
With G - Code programming the control form is more flexible. The machine can store up to 1,000 programs or even more upon request. The system can program itself using auto edit function and the speeds can be adjusted for each line of the program if needed. For example: the winding speed can be adjusted in 
different parts of the spring like the ends and body, this can help control the squareness of the end coils and help maintain the free length. All aspects of the production process can be controlled by the computer. No manual intervention is required after the winding process is completed. Automation can be incorporated in to the process to catch the spring when retracting and move to the next station. 
Cold Lathe Coilers
The SL-25 & SL-35 large diameter CNC cold lathe coilers are mainly used for the winding of small batches of springs which can be coiled in the non-heated state with a maximum wire diameter of up to 35mm. The servo motors control the number of turns and pitch of the spring separately. The control form is more flexible and can store up to 1,000 programs or even more upon request. The production process can program itself using auto edit function and the speeds can be adjusted for each line of the program if needed. Multiple springs can be coiled in a single cycle & the production can count left to right rotation, automatically coiling and pitch can be realized.
Mechanical Rolling Machine
The mechanical rolling machine can flatten the material with the wire diameter of 15mm-40mm. The PY-40 can be manually loaded & unloaded or by using the automatic loading device & connected with the heating mechanism for fully automated production. The utility models the advantages of high production efficiency, good flatness & uniformity. The PY-40 adjusts the taper of the rolling through the position of the eccentric rolling block on the rollers & the side taper can be adjusted by the position of the pressing block. The coding can be preformed after the flattening is complete.
CNC Hydraulic Rolling Machines
The CNC hydraulic rolling machines are mainly used for rolling the front end of the material flattened in the heated state. The round bar is made into a square cone according the required taper. The hydraulic rolling mill can roll bar stock from 30mm to 100mm.
Automatic Feeding Device
Automatic Feeding - automatic induction feeding device with cylinder clamping. Automatically sends the bar stock the the designated location.

Wet CNC Swing Grinders
The function of the CNC spring end grinder is to grind the ends of the spring flat. We offer two sizes of wet swing grinders in The Ultra Heavy Coiling line. Both can be set up in manual or automatic mode. Production modes can be divided in to single station or double station.
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